(for Ableton Live and Akai) ABLE-M Beat Templates

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Run the free Akai MPC Beats® DAW inside of Ableton Live® with Push 2

Powerful templates for Ableton Live that allow you to run the free Akai MPC Beats DAW as a plugin in Ableton Live and control it with a Push 2 controller.

•Use Ableton + Push 2 workflow to record and perform live using MPC Beats sounds

•Add FX to MPC Beats drum & keyboard tracks directly from Live in real time

•Use custom 64 pad MPC Beats drum layouts on Push 2

*Mix drum kits and samples from Akai MPC Beats and Ableton libraries

View the videos and audio demo below -

Product Overview Video


Audio Demo



    • Ableton Live  v10.1.4 or later
    • Akai MPC Beats v2.8.1 [64 bit]

  • Mac Installation and Template loading

  • Windows Installation and Template loading